tAtayya prEmaliilalu ( 1980 )

Though Chiranjeevi is the hero in this movie,the whole story revolves around his grandfather, Nuthan Prasad(NP). Chiru's father lives in Bombay with his family. Being brought up and educated in Bombay, the elder son( Chiru) and only-one daughter( Deepa) are fascinated to the modern social life. Chiru is actually supposed to marry his cousin(maradalu), Geetha,who lives in their native village with their grandfather. Chiru is now in no mood to marry that 'palleturi gabbilayi' and he already falls in love with another modern girl,Seema. He learns all the bad habbits( drug-abusing,drinking etc)in her friendship. When NP comes to Bombay to talk about the the grandchildrens' marriage, to his shock, he is disappointed by Chiru's snobbish attitude that he would marry only a modern girl like Seema. NP, on his first meeting with Seema, immediately learns that she is just exploiting his innocent grandson to sqeeze money from him. NP tries to convince Chiru that she only loves money but not him. But Chiru is so infatuated with her that he even raises his hand against his grandpa. Now, imposed as an affluent old man, NP starts romancing with Seema and the latter finds the old man much richer than Chiru. When she insults Chiru, with the hope of getting married to the rich man, the poor Chiru realizes his mistake and accepts to marry his maradalu, who really loves him very much.
(Contributed by Srinivasa Rao Chimata <> schimata@ecst.csuchico.edu )

Cast (in alphabetical order)

  • Chiranjeevi
  • Dipa .... Chiru's sister
  • Githa .... Chiru's cousin
  • Nutan Prasad .... Chiru's grandfather
  • Seema

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