Sreeraamamoorti, addanki

Films acted (In chronological sequence)

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Data Present hariSchandra .... debut ---- 1935
Data Present sArangadhara .... raaja raaja narEndra ---- 1937
Data Present chitranaLIyam .... nala ---- 1938
Data Present mahAnanda ---- 1939
Data Present bhOjakALidAsu ---- 1940
Data Present bhaktimAla ---- 1941
Data Present satyabhAma .... Sathrajit ---- 1942
Data Present kRshNaprEma .... chandragOpa ---- 1943
Data Present paadukaapaTTaabhishEkam .... Dasharatha ---- 1945
Data Present mAyAmaCCIndra ---- 1945
Data Present bhaktatulasIdAsu ---- 1946
Data Present brahmaratham .... Nahusha ---- 1947
Data Present sAyibAbA ---- 1950
Data Present SrIkRshNarAyabAram .... Dhamaraju ---- 1960
Data Present Sri kRshNa kuchEla .... Dharmaraja ---- 1961

Additional Information
A VERY well-known stage actor of early years. Especially his roles as "kaNva maharshi" in _abhij~naanaSaakuntalam_, as "veerabaahu and hariSchandra" in _hariSchandra_, as "daSaratha" in _paadukaa paTTaabhishEkam_ were legendary. In the days when singing skills were far more important than acting skills, he studied "Carnatic Classical music" under paarupalli raamakRshNayya for long years and drew large crowds with his excellant singing voice. He also had the "sangeeta vidwaan" title to his credit. According to some sources he made his debut way back in 1911 as "sahadEvuDu" in chilakamarti's _gayOpaakhyaanam_. He was associated with "baalabharata sangham" (Machilipatnam), "seetaaraamanjanEya naaTaka samaajam" (Eluru) and "baalabhaarati" (mailavaram). In addition to his innumerable appearances on the stage in a career spanning over four and a half decades, he cut a large number of discs and apparently acted in 22-25 films (sofar we could list 15 of them.), starting in P.pullayya's _hariSchandra_.
(Contributed by Sreenivas Paruchuri <> )

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