hariSchandra ( 1935 )

  • Star Combines

  • Pullayya, P (debut)

    Cast (in alphabetical order)

  • bheemaaraavu .... Lohitha
  • Kannamba, pasupulETi .... debut
  • Sreeraamamoorti, addanki .... debut
  • Venkateswarulu, Pulipaati .... Nakshathraka

  • laxmiikAntam, balijEpalli

    Debut film for Kannamba who already made a big name as stage actress. P. Pullayya who cut some discs as a singer and worked as talent scout for HMV made his directorial debut.
    (Contributed by Sreenivas Paruchuri <> sreeni@ktp.uni-paderborn.de )

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