iddaru ammAyilu ( 1970 )

  • puTTanna (Debut in Telugu)

    Cast (in alphabetical order)

  • Nageswara Rao, Akkineni
  • ramAprabha
  • Sobhan Babu .... see film comments
  • Vanisree

  • venkaTaratnam

  • Mahadevan, K.V

  • Suseela, P
  • Balasubrahmanyam, S.P (sings for ANR for the first time)

  • Achaarya Athreya


    The film came during the time when 'color' was still fairly novel. ANR/Vanisree/ atrEya/KV MahadEvan/venkaTaratnam (camera) combination was ruling the screen and airwaves. ramaaprabha was beginning to be recognized as a good actress (she played an innocent cousin of the heroine, I think). I think puTTanna directed the film, and it is his Telugu debut. The movie itself is a remake of a puTTanna hit in kannaDa (I don't recall the title). puTTanna was already known to the Telugu audience as the director of the original kannaDa for kaLyaanamanTapam (gajje pooja in kannaDa) by then.

    (another memory: the muhoortam shot for iddaru ammayilu features a pooja shot (gRUhapravESam scene, I think) with a decorated cow featured prominently. I first saw that still in the English film weekly Screen - somehow it stuck in the memory).

    another thing I remember about this movie: kaaTragaDDa narsayya of navayuga films (which distributed the film) was always interested in new ways to publicise his films, and arranged for a series of one or two page articles in women's fashions (hair-dos, Sarees etc) to be published in the weekly magazines featuring stills/line-drawings of the heroine (vaNiSree) in this movie.

    Ah, the memories... -- Chowdary

    (Contributed by Chowdary Jampala, V <> )

    This movie was based on Kannada movie 'Kappu Belupu' which means black white. In Kannada movie. Aarathi played the dual role. In the telugu version Shoban Babu is the second hero. but not many audience remember this because he appears in a few scenes in the beginning and re-appears only at the end.
    (Contributed by Rajagopal <> )

    Balu sings for ANR for the first time. Without realising that this song was going to be picturised on ANR, he did't imitate his voice. (Naa hrudayapu kovelalo..)
    (Contributed by Vijay Jeedigunta <> )

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