chelleli kApuraM ( 1971 )

Shobhan Babu is a struggling poet whose complexion is black. Because of his complexion he is not accepted by publishers to publish his poetry. Nagabushanam agrees to be his front and Shobhan Babu starts to publish his poems in Nagabushanam's name. He agrees to do this as he needs money to get his sister married. Vanisri meets Shobhan Babu and falls in love with him. Nagabushanam exploits Shobhan Babu to become rich. Finally Vanisri realizes what is happening and helps Shobhan to reveal the truth. This is the first movie that Balayya produced after a failed career as an actor. This movie is a fairly decent hit and had excellent lyrics and music.
(Contributed by Rajagopal <> )

  • Viswanath, Kaaseenaathuni

  • Baalayya, M (debut)

    Cast (in alphabetical order)

  • Nagabushanam
  • Sarada
  • Sobhan Babu
  • Vanisree

  • Mahadevan, K.V

  • Suseela, P
  • Balasubrahmanyam, S.P

  • Narayana Reddi, C


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