sAgarasangamam ( 1983 )

Balakrishna (Kamal Hasan), known as Balu to his friends, is a highly talented and gifted dancer, who unfortunately is denied recognition. His mother (Dubbing Janaki) who is a cook by profession, hopes to see her son attain fame and glory one day. Balu lives with his friend, Sarath Babu, who is a poet. He tries unsuccessfully to help Balu pursue a successful career in dance. Balu meets Madhavi (Jayapradha), who on her part tries to bring him fame and popularity. But fate would not have it, and so Balu remains anonymous. The two are drawn to each other and decide to get married, when Balu comes to know that Madhavi is already married. He unites her with her husband and both of them leave for Canada.
Balu, frustrated by the series of failures in his life, soon takes to drinking. Years pass by. Madhavi, now a widow, returns with her daughter Sailaja, and comes to know about the state Balu now is in. She is deeply anguished and tries to bring him back to normalcy. She tries to get her daughter, who initially dislikes Balu, trained as a better dancer with him. When Balu realises that Sailaja is Madhavi's daughter, he tries to come out of the state of decline he got himself into and puts his heart and soul in training her. But when he comes to know that Madhavi is now a widow, he receives a shock and his by now failing health worsens. The film ends with Balu's death whose only satisfaction in the end is that, though he remained anonymous, he has been able to pass on the legacy of classical dance to the next the generation, symbolised by Sailaja. Kamal Hasan excels in his role and does full justice to an opportunity to display his skills as a classical dancer. Jayaprada outdoes herself in the role of Madhavi, particularly as the mature and aged mother of Sailaja.
(Contributed by Srinivas Manohar Chundi <> )

  • Poornodaya Movie Creations

  • Viswanath, Kaaseenaathuni

  • Nageswara Rao, Edida

    Cast (in alphabetical order)

  • Dubbing Janaki .... Kamal's mother
  • Jaya Prada .... Madhavi
  • Kamal Hasan .... Balu
  • Sailaja, S.P .... Sailaja?
  • Sarat Babu


  • Githa
  • Manju Bhargavi
  • poTTi prasad
  • saakshi ranga rao

  • Jandhyala

    Choreography (Dances)
  • Seshu, Parupalli V

  • Ilayaraja (first national award)

  • Balasubrahmanyam, S.P
  • Sailaja, S.P
  • Janaki, S

  • Sundara ramamurthy, Veturi


    This widely acclaimed film was mainly responsible for making Kamal Hasan famous as a classical dancer. Though, he did display his talent in a couple of his earlier movies (Maro Charithra), it was his role in this film that made best use of his hitherto largely untapped skills in this field. Unlike a few other films based on the subject of music and dance by K.Viswanath, this film was a big commercial success. Arguably one of his best films.
    (Contributed by Srinivas Manohar Chundi <> )

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