SrInivAsa kaLyANam ( 1987 )

Venkatesh is a young brave intelligent man. Gautami, his uncle's daughter loves him from day one. Gautami dazzles with a long hair, neat dress and soft acting. Gautami informs her mother also about her love.As she lost her father long back, elders agree to this proposal and its also hinted to Venkatesh. Venkatesh goes on a tour to Madras where he meets with an accident. He is saved by a Tamil Brahmin girl, Bhanupriya, who lives with her parents in a good house.She takes him into her house and provides all help, later to find that Venkatesh was about to join her father's company only. He behaves well and earns the respect and love of Bhanupriya and her parents too. Venkatesh also likes Bhanu and they love each other.When in a freak way, Bhanu's parents die, Venkatesh had to take care of their office and Bhanupriya. Due to circumstances he marries Bhanu, but tells her about Gautami, who is madly in love with Venkatesh.Bhanu says that she will settle that with her. But when they arrive in Vijaywada, Gautami gets shocked to see Venky married to Bhanu and goes cranky.
Bhanupriya takes over Gautami and the whole film from here.When everyone surprised, she brings the cranky Gautami home and keeps her in her house. She tells Gautami that she will comb her hair.When Gautami refuses Bhanu gently tousles her hair and makes her feel motherly touch. She starts combing Gautami's hair slowly and begins a long 20 minute session of song and advice.Throughout the song, Bhanupriya, combs Gautami's hair, decorating it with flowers, braiding it and clipping it.Looks more like a Hairdressing class! My friend says that even outside camera, Bhanupriya takes special care of Gautami and always hairdresses her, whenever they are together.
Gautami taken over by Bhanu's love, calls her "akka" and Venky as "Bhava". The story ends when Bhanu decorates Gautami with french plaited hair and twisted braided petals and gets her married to her brother, who lived all these days in US.
(Contributed by Lakshmi <> )

  • Ramakrishna, Kodi

    Cast (in alphabetical order)

  • Bhanupriya .... Padma
  • Gautami .... Chitra
  • Venkatesh .... Raghu

  • Mahadevan, K.V

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