kODalu diddina kApuram ( 1970 )

Savithri gets married to Jaggaya who is elder of the two brothers who are very rich. NTR is the younger brother. Jaggaya has all bad habits - drunkard gambler and visits his mistress Vijayalalitha every night. NTR is considered a mischievous good for nothing. Anyway the story is about how Savithri suffers for half the film and takes care of everything in the second half. Vanisri is cook or servant's daughter and NTR falls in love with her. This is one of the first NTR-Vanisri pairings as hero heroine. Sathya narayana is a fraud in the guise of a swamiji who finally gets exposed by NTR. The most famous thing about this movie is that Satya Narayana is made to look like Puttaparthi Saibaba and he even does the same things such as producing siva lingam and vibuthi out of thin air. This caused quite a controversy at that time. It seemed to show that NTR considered Puttaparthi Saibaba as a fraud.
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Black & White

  • N.A.T. Productions

  • yOgAnand

  • Trivikramarao, nandamUri

    Cast (in alphabetical order)

  • Jaggayya, Kongara
  • Raja babu
  • Rama Rao, N.T
  • SatyanArayana, K
  • Savithri
  • Vanisree
  • Vijayalalitha

  • Raju, T.V

  • Suseela, P
  • venkaTESwararaavu, ghanTasaala
  • Balasubrahmanyam, S.P (sings for NTR for the first Time)
  • Janaki, S

  • Narayana Reddi, C
  • Raghavaiah chowdhary, Kosaraaju


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