yama kinkaruDu ( 1981 )

Chiru is a police officer and fights against a deadly notorious killer gang, headed by Sudarsan. Sarath Babu is Chiru's colleague and chiru marries the latter's sister, Radhika. The gang breaks off the jail and is after Chiru's family. They first kill Sarath Babu. They also kill Sathyanarayana, a retired major and Radhika's uncle, when he tries to save Radhika and her kid from the gang. Finally, the gang kidnaps the kid and challenges Chiru to take his kid back. He goes there and after a series of fights, he finishes off the whole gang and saves his son. The fights were very famous when the movie was released. Storywise, nothing much to say. But it is very well directed and the audience feel tension and thrill at many instances.
(Contributed by Srinivasa Rao Chimata <> schimata@ecst.csuchico.edu )

Cast (in alphabetical order)

  • Chiranjeevi
  • Radhika
  • Sarat Babu .... Radhika's brother
  • SatyanArayana, K .... Radhika's uncle
  • Silk Smitha
  • Sudarshan

  • Balasubrahmanyam, S.P
  • Janaki, S


    The first commercial blockbuster for Chiru.
    (Contributed by Srinivasa Rao Chimata <> schimata@ecst.csuchico.edu )

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