Mahatma Gandhi Auto Biography ( Planned )

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  • JD Chakravorthy

    This movie has been shelved (12/5/97)
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    (added some time in '96)
    Most of you probably know what August 22 means; That is Mega Star's birthday.
    On that day, RGV was to shoot the opening shot for his latest movie MAHATMA GANDHI AUTOBIOGRAPHY. Chakravarty is the hero and also the director of the movie. In the movie, Chakravarty plays the role of being a LEADER of all Chiranjeevi Fans Associations, and he is to meet the Mega Star on his birthday in front of thousands of fans. Verma corporation sent invitations to all the Chiranjeevi fans associations to be present that day to celebrate Chiru's real birthday as well as the movie birthday which is supposed to be the opening shot for the movie.
    Later, Chiru had all praises for Chakravarty, especially the movie GULAABI.
    Paruchuri GopalaKrishna, working for the first time with RGV, commented: Of all the directors I have worked with in all my 200 movies, I have never seen any director as sincere about doing the homework as Chakravarty.
    RGV comments:
    When asked about the connection between Gandhiji's autobiography and MegaStar's birthday celebrations, RGV said, It will be a suspense until you see the movie.
    When asked, How could you mix a highly respected person at national level like Gandhi with a movie star, RGV replied:
    If tell you that, then you will know the story itself. However, I can tell you this: This movie will not be degrading the honour of Gandhi. What I learned from GOVINDA GOVINDA is not to experiment with the image of the great people.
    RGV also said that of all the directors he gave breaks to, Chakravarty has the most sincerity, and that he had been involved with him ever since KSHANA KSHANAM. Chakravarty has to be given partial credit for GULAABI, besides being the hero, for his contributions to the making of the movie.
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