kaala paani ( 1996 )

With a backdrop of the Freedom Fighting times this movie depicts patriotism very well. An Indian viewer's blood boils on seein g the atrocities meted out to the Indians by the Britishers. The story line includes flash backs of Mohanlal and Prabhu and how they try to escape from the Cellular jails in the Andaman Islands. Technically the movie is excellent. You get a feeling of those olden days several hundred years back. Amrish Puri as the Jailor from Afghanistan has acted well. Tabu in her short role has created a good impression. Britishers as you think they are actually foreign tourists who came to India on tourism. Mohan Lal has successfully roped them in this movie to act as Britishers. Actors like Amrish Puri Tabu are reported to have taken only a token remuneraion while Annu Kapoor has acted free of cost. This is because Mohan Lal has reportedly spent about 10-11 crores of rupees on this movie. Worth the money you pay for it.

Mohan Lal - Hero cum Producer
Tabu - As Mohan Lal's wife; Very impressive in the old woman's role.
Amrish Puri - The Afghan Jailor - who has prisoners lick his shoes for a polish.
Prabhu - The tough prisoner who always wants to escape unsuccessfully though.

(Contributed by Vijaya Surya Avantsa <> SuryaVA@aol.com )

  • Priyadarshan

  • Mohan Lal

    Cast (in alphabetical order)

  • Amrish Puri .... Afghan Jailor
  • Annu Kapoor
  • Delhi Ganesh
  • Mohan Lal .... hero
  • Prabhu .... prisoner
  • Tabu .... Mohan Lal's wife

  • Ilayaraja

    by Satyam Mandapati

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