Edi pApam Edi puNyam ( 1979 )

This is a film depicting the love between a man and a woman. Chandra mohan and Madhavi(I don't remember their names in the film) marry against the wishes of elders.When Chandra mohan falls seriously ill Madhavi submits herself to his Boss(I don't remember who the actor was) for the sake of money b'cos she fails in getting money from any other source. She plans to commit suicide after Chandra mohan gets well.But Chandra mohan finds her plan and doesn't allow her to commit suicide leaving an open ended question "Edi pApam Edi puNyam".
(Contributed by Satish, Alapati <> valapati@top.eng.utoledo.edu )


Cast (in alphabetical order)

  • Chandra Mohan
  • Madhavi


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