lavakuSa ( 1934 )

Duration...165 minutes
Black & White

  • East India Films

  • Pullayya, cittajallu

    Cast (in alphabetical order)

  • bheemaaraavu .... Lava
  • bhooshaNa Saastri
  • mallESwararaavu .... Kusa
  • satyanaraayaNa, paarupalli
  • Sriiranjani Sr.
  • subbaaraavu, paarupalli .... Rama

  • laxmiikAntam, balijEpalli

  • satyanArAyaNa, prabhala

    This film's unique contribution to the Telugu cinema is the wider introduction of "sound" to Telugu cine-goers. Though Talkies were made since 1931, they were not wide spread over the Telugu speaking areas, esp. on country side as the film exhibitors lacked the equipment and needed investment. Film producers of "lavakuSa" (Arora-s of Calcutta) used to have a distribution compnay, selling projecting and sound equipment and made it a pre-condition to buy their equipment for acquiring the print of "lavakuSa". Inspite of such conditions film exhibitors went ahead and bought the equipment (and lavakuSa print). To say in C S Rao's words "within four weeks they got back their investment and later could even lend money to "kubEra" :-)".
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