karpUra jwaala ( 1987 )

This film is a revelation of what friendship is between two thick friends who are like sisters. Its a real competition between Suhasini and Radhika in acting and actual feast to viewers who want class in films. Radhika is an orphan and comes up in life with the help of Government aid in an arts college. She works very hard in the evening at Type institutes to earn for her extra expenses for higher education and gets admitted into Masters degree collge in Hyderabad. She is given a hostel room to be shared with another person ( Suhasini ) who is very rich but again without parents staying under the shade of ill-witted uncles.
Suhasini, a very sharp girl, comes to know about her roommate from Warden even before she comes and baffles Radhika with her knowledge about her when Radhika enters. Radhika feels so low to comapre her with Suhasini's dress and costume, her lovely hair braid with hairclips, her rich and decent clothes and her sense of dressing. Suhasini takes Arathi for Radhika as she enters and makes her feel at home immediately. The same evening both share their tea and past. As Suhasini unplaits Radhika's long hair and starts combing it, Radhika suddenly feels so close and buries her inside Suhasini's laps. Suhasini slowly combs Radhika's hair and narrates her life to Radhika and gets so warm to hear a similar tale from her. As the flashback ends, (which takes about 40 minutes of which for 25 minutes Suhasini hairdresses Radhika, a real art film!) Suhasini plaits Radhika's hair vowing to plait themselves together in friendship.
Soon they come to a stage where Suhasini depends on Radhika's warmth and cooking and Radhika gets dressed by Suhasini's artistic hands. Everyday Radhika teaches Suhasini new receipes and difficult lessons. In return everyday Suhasini takes Radhika's hair into her hands and loves combing it like a mother. There are even scenes to show that Suhasini goes on fast when Radhika is away and Radhika could not dress herself when Suhasini is away. So dependent they become. Comes a stage where they finish college and take up jobs. Radhika gets a job in a hair shampoo company and Suhasini gets a job in collge, the exact opposite of what they specialise in.
Radhika teaches Suhasini and the latter takes a lot of effort to hairstyle Radhika differently each day. As story has to come, Radhika falls in love with the Manager (Mohan) of her company who sees a great potential for Radhika in modelling. Radhika proposes Suhasini but Mohan wants Radhika to do modelling. Suhasini by this time gets married to Raju who happens to be Mohan's elder brother and comes to know about the bad habits of Mohan. By this time Radhika is madly in love with Mohan. Suhasini calls Radhika her younger sister and takes her to her in-laws place to test Mohan. She calls Radhika to a room next to Mohan's and starts combing her hair. She dresses Radhika exotically and gives Mohan an opportunity to default. She teaches Radhika on love and impresses her inlaws to get Radhika married to Mohan. As Radhika is poor, they hesitate and immediately Suhasini rewrites half of her wealth to Radhika registering Radhika as her younger sister. Radhika gets moved and falls at Suhasini's feet. Suhasini lifts her up, dresses her hair like an angel, decorates her with costly jewels and hugs her passionately, tousling her hair.
Radhika gets married to Mohan and as advised by Suhasini starts a fresh challenge in life to reform Mohan. At this point Suhasini unplaits Radhika's hair and joins her hands with Mohan.
(Contributed by Srinivasan <> srinivasan@hotmail.com )


Cast (in alphabetical order)

  • Mantri
  • Mohan
  • Radhika
  • Suhasini
  • Sujatha

    Suhasini wanted to hairdress Radika herself and Director accepted it with glee. A real good art film with both Radika and Suhasini being real life friends and even during their outdoor shooting Suhasini started hairdressing Radika then onwards.
    (Contributed by Srinivasan <> srinivasan@hotmail.com )

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