prEma pakshulu ( 1973 )

(made in 1973, Never released)

  • Ushasri Art Films

  • Chinnapa Reddi

    Cast (in alphabetical order)

  • Prakash Reddi .... debut [Producer's brother]

  • aSwatthaama, G

  • Jesudas, K.J
  • Pushpalata

  • Raadhaakrishna, Parigi
  • Ushasree


    the film was made in 1973. The producer was riding high on the success of three previous films. their latest hit then was "maanavuDu - daanavuDu". So he thought, "why not experiment and introduce my brother as hero." This I think seems to be the reason why it did not get released. May be he did not get support from distributors. Another movie "manuvu-manasu" with his brother as hero -- was released but did not run long. my father's song "pillaa O pillaa" features in that, although somebody else has taken credit for it. same is the case with "tellaarE daaka" song. somebody else took the credit. thats how i know all this history. after being unsuccessful with "prEma pakshulu", the producer cinnapa reDDi tried his hand briefly at running a film magazine "calanacitra".
    (Contributed by Madan Mohan, PARIGI <> )

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