tAtAmanavaDu ( 1973 )

This movie is based on short story most of us would have come across during our childhood. A young boy observes that his father is ill-treating the boy's grandfather by giving him gruel in a bowl and making him sleep on the floor with a single blanket. One day the boy scolds his grand father for dirtying the blanket and asks him to keep it clean. The boy's father asks why are you upset about a old blanket. The boy replies What am I going to do when you grow old. I was planing to give you the same blanket and the same bowl and the same food.
This simple story is the basis on which Dasari wrote this movie's screenplay and dialogue and made his debut as director. This movie revolves around SV Ranga Rao (grand father) his son Satyanarayana and his grandson Rajbabu. Satyanarayana ill-treats his father when he becomes an officer at the instigation of his wife. His son observes all this during his childhood and vows to teach his parents a lesson when he grows up. The movie has very good performances by SVR and Rajbabu,his first as a hero. Vijaya Nirmala is the heroine.
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Black & White

  • Palguna movies

  • Narayana Rao, Dasari (debut)

  • Ekambara Rao

    Cast (in alphabetical order)

  • Anjali Devi
  • Raja babu .... manavaDu, first as hero
  • Raja sulochana
  • Rama Prabha
  • Ranga Rao, S.V .... taata
  • SatyanArayana, K .... Raja babu 's father
  • Vijaya Nirmala

  • Narayana Rao, Dasari

  • Narayana Rao, Dasari

    Screen Play
  • Narayana Rao, Dasari

  • kOdanDapaani, S.P

  • venkaTESwararaavu, ghanTasaala
  • Balasubrahmanyam, S.P
  • Ramesh, Madhavapeddi


    Later Dasari directed Samsaram Saagaram for the same banner.
    (Contributed by Rajagopal <> umaraj@msn.com )

    With the success of this movie, most of Dasari's initial movie titles were chosen as pairs like tata-manavudu,samsaaram-saagaram,chaduvu-samskaaram,swargma-narakam, turpu-padamara. I think he has changed this trend with the movie yavvanam kaatesindhi.
    (Contributed by Vijay Jeedigunta <> jvs9511@hotmail.com )

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