puli-bebbuli ( 1983 )

Krishnam Raju and Chiru are 'balya snehitulu' and they are forced to be seperated from each other in their childhood owing to some disastrous quirks of fate. A Jamindar(Mikkilineni) adopts Krishnam Raju(KR),while Chiru becomes a petty-thief. When Kannada Prabhakar, a 'bindipotu mutha nayakudu' attacks KR's estate, KR routs all the villain gang and thus KR falls in the villain's hit list.KR loves a poor girl,Jayaprada and she gets pregnant before they get married. While she delivers a baby, KR fails to see her in the hospital, for the latter at the same time gets entangled in a quarrel with his estate workers.She dies in the hospital with the anguish that KR is not with her. This incident leaves KR with remorseful feelings. On the other hand, Chiru loves Radhika, who wants to revenge for her sister's(Jayaprada)death. She in under such an impression that KR purposely deserted her sister. When Chiru comes to know that KR is his lost-friend, he wants to save KR from that'apavaadu'by telling Radhika that he himself is responseble for Jayaprada's death. When KR learns this, he becomes so furious that he sets out to kill Chiru- for he feels that Chiru is belittling his Prema Devatha's(Jayaprada)image by imputing the illicit relationship. Later, KR realizes that Chiru is his friend. In the climax fight, KR saves Chiru from Prabhakar's bullets and he himself dies in the process.
(Contributed by Srinivasa Rao Chimata <> schimata@ecst.csuchico.edu )


  • Das, K.S.R

    Cast (in alphabetical order)

  • Chiranjeevi
  • Jaya Prada
  • Kannada Prabhakar
  • Krishnam Raju
  • Radhakrishnamurty, mikkilinEni
  • Radhika

  • Suseela, P
  • Balasubrahmanyam, S.P

  • Sundara ramamurthy, Veturi


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