sukhadu:khAlu ( 1967 )

SVR plays the blind retired military officer Major Chndrakanth. He has two sons. The older one is a police officer (raamakrishna). The younger one, (haranath) is a playboy college student. He seduces fellow student (vaaNiSree), and then rejects her when she becomes pregnant. She commits suicide. Her brother, chandramOhan - who is devoted to her - confronts haranath and kills him in anger. Running away from the police, he ends up in the blind major's house. The major - not knowing about his sons' death yet - extends his sympathy and protection leading to the climactic conflict among the father, older son (police officer) and the younger son's killer. An emotionally powerful film with strong performances and great story telling by baalachander.
(Contributed by Chowdary Jampala, V <> )

  • bAlachandar, K

  • Raghava

    Cast (in alphabetical order)

  • Chandra Mohan .... Vanisree's brother
  • Harnath .... SVR's younger son
  • Jaya Lalitha
  • Rama Krishna .... SVR's older son, police officer
  • Ramana Reddy
  • Ranga Rao, S.V .... military officer Major Chndrakanth
  • Surya Kantam
  • Vanisree

  • kOdanDapaani, S.P

  • Suseela, P
  • Balasubrahmanyam, S.P

  • Krishna Sastri, Devulapalli


    This is a remake of famous drama Major chandra kanth.
    After 'Marapurani katha' this film gave life to vANishree. She carbon copied sAvitri from Tamil Film Major Chandrakanth..
    SPB started becoming famous with 'mEDanTe mEDaa kaaduu'
    SVR topped with Chandra Mohan's support in climax scenes.
    (Contributed by Mohan Devaraju <> )

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