kAlachakram ( 1940 )

  • gOpaalaraavu, aamancharla

  • gOpaalaraavu, aamancharla

  • Sri Sri
  • subbaaraavu, raayaprOlu


    Unique film propagating separate state for Telugus way back in 1940.

    Technically, this is SriSri's first film, since the producer, aamancharla gOpaalaraavu used 'marOprapancham' in this film, which is about the separate state for Telugu-s way back in 1940. But, as SreeSree often said (also in paa.bhaarateeyuDaa) it was NOT written for film and he himself considers his song for aahuti 1950) as his first FILM song.
    (Contributed by Sreenivas Paruchuri <> sreeni@ktp.uni-paderborn.de )

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