pushpaka vimaanam ( Year Unknown )

  • Rajkamal Productions

  • Sreenivasa Rao, Singeetham

  • Kamal Hasan

    Cast (in alphabetical order)

  • Amala
  • Farida Jalal .... Amala's mother
  • Kamal Hasan .... unemployed youth
  • Narayana, P.L .... "rich" beggar
  • Prathap pothan
  • Tinu Anand .... unsuccessful professional killer

  • Vaidyanadhan, L

    A wonderful silent movie with no dialogues or songs. All actors excelled in their respective performances and the expressions of the actors convey the meaning of each scene. Known as Pushpak in Hindi. Probably the only movie produced in India which was understood by everyone all over the country in recent times.
    (Contributed by Anand Vallabhajosula <> avallabhajos@hns.com )

    Although there are no dialogues the audience do not feel themselves missing as in old silent films due to appropriate picturisation eg. long shots or characters on a road-side or in a hotel not being required to talk to each other etc.
    (Contributed by Prabhakar, J <> PZR@GENSTAR.GEN.COM )

    Conveys a good message in the end; Great comedy except for a little "shit humour", (although it was intended to convey the hero's good nature to take care of his rich captive suffering from chronic constipation)
    (Contributed by Rajagopal <> umaraj@msn.com )

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