Encounter ( 1997 )

Release Date...August

  • padmalaya

  • Sankar, N

  • Hanumantha Rao, Gattamaneni
  • Adisheshagiri Rao, G

    Cast (in alphabetical order)

  • Krishna .... Krishnanna, Naxalite
  • Radhika .... Ramesh Babu's mother
  • Ramesh Babu .... Suryam
  • Roja .... Swarnakka
  • Vinod Kumar .... Siddhartha, Superintendent of Police


  • Baalayya, M
  • bAbu mOhan
  • Chandra Mohan
  • Jeeva .... Saidulu
  • Ruchita Prasad
  • Srinivasa Rao, Kota .... Mahankali, minister

  • Harnadha rao, M.V.S

  • Hari, Anumolu

  • Vandemataram Srinivasa Rao

    This movie was released with 100 prints in 160 theaters, a record. An average story with a more than average performance by Krishna. Krishna's role is a dialogue dominated one, and he managed to blend his role well into the movie. This movie deals with terrorism with Roja and Krishna being the leaders of their respective groups. Both have a common enemy. This type of movies have come in abundance of late, but one can give it a try especially for the dialogues. Songs, as is usual for this type of movie, are V. Srinivas styled.
    Box office verdict: Hit
    (October 1997)
    ( TANA Patrika <> Sweet Home )

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