sa ri ga ma pa da ni ( 1986 )

This is a 100% ladies movie with 7 leading women artists in the industry starring in the film. Basically the movie revolves around the life and happenings of women who stay in hostels away from home for education and work. It also shows the ego clashes between women and how it affects even basic things in life. A story woven around 7 friends who live in a hostel. Though all the 7 play their part, the actual credit is taken away by Suhasini who commands her way up amidst this star galore. She enacts a very "agile lady" character helping and supporting all co-artists. Radhika comes next with her natural talent. Geetha, Aruna, Radha, Rajyalaxmi and Archana are also in cast.
There is basically ego clash between Archana, a very down to earth girl and Radhika who always wants to boss around. While Geetha is an admirer of Archana's philosophy, she also happens to be Radhika's roommate and an affectionate friend. Aruna is the younger sister of Archana and Radha admires Radhika. With this groupism inside a hostel, Suhasini walks in as a common ally for both Radika and Archana. There are scenes which depict possessiveness and ego amoung hostelmates, which are easily unplaited by Suhasini with her wits. Suhasini enters the hostel as a specialist hair designer for Films and forces her influence on Archana by changing her ordinary looks into brillantly attractive. She boosts her ego by listening to her talks, combing her hair daily in different styles etc. As Radhika also comes to know of this, Suhasini calls Radha to her film institute to see some film making. She introduces Radhika to an ad-maker and in minutes decorates her for the ad-film, which brings Radhika good money. Thus she earns her love too.
One day while hairdressing Radhika, Suhasini comes to know of this ego between the two groups and decides to unite them. Combing Radhika's hair, she puts a twin-plait on her and Radika feels its not so good. Then Suhasini combs her hair again and puts a long single plait, which Radhika likes. Then she explains how single group will look good.
Geetha falls in love with Archana's brother. Radhika raises a lot of opposition. But Suhasini convinces her and gets Geetha married to Archana's brother. Geetha gets so moved that she calls Suhasini as mother. Suhasini has acted so brilliantly in showing affection to Geetha, tousling her hair, braiding it herself without a dubbing artist. I beleive she does hairdressing to all co-stars worked with her. Radha who is so fond of her beauty gets carried away by films and loses her purity. Suhasini finds out the guy and gets her married to him. The song in which she decorates Radha's hair is shot in one single shot, a record. Similarly she works different ways for Rajyalaxmi also. Rajyalaxmi once complains that she is unable to maintain her long hair and out of poverty decides to sell her long hair. Suhasini slaps her in anger and later hugs her and from that day she takes care of Rajyalaxmi.
More than two-thirds the movie is occupied with Suhasini and she commands others easily. A fact that Suhasini loves hairdressing her co-artists is shown too much in this movie, with half the time, we can see Suhasini hairdressing either Radhika, Archana, Radha or Rajyalaxmi, while engaged in a dialogue. Though this is little boring, this makes the film very realistic. It is understood that all these hairdressing shots were taken mostly in single shots, with Suhasini doing them all with utter ease.
Being a beautician myself, I can only praise Suhasini for her talent, as she commands respect from great heroines like Radhika, Archana and Radha. The final 20 minutes of this art movie is all about Suhasini advising Radhika and Archana why to remain united. During this, there is also a long-hair-combing-advice session from Suhasini to Radhika. I beleive at the end of this shot, whole unit applauded both Suhasini and Radhika for their work. Even now for most of the movies where Radhika works, you can see Suhasini giving her final tips or touches in her hairstyle.
(Contributed by Meena <> )

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    As narrated earlier, I worked as the beautician of this movie and there are a lot of good things I learnt from Suhasini. She used to come atleast 1 hour before to the spot and make her preparations thorough. After she feels comfortable with her preparations, she voluntarily comes and helps her co-stars even if they are also big names. In this movie, I had worked much lesser than Suhasini did for hairdressing and combing of fellow stars. Suhasini has that inherent flair for hairdressing.
    I still remember the first shot, when Suhasini is supposed to come and hairdress Radhika. Normally in these scenes, the heroines will just make the last few plaits and pose like hairdressing. When the director called for the shot, Suhasini just asked me to stay out and started to unplait Radhika's hair. Radhika also got surpised along with the whole unit, when Suhasini so coolly started combing Radhika's hair saying her dialogues with so much ease. At the end of that 20 minute shot, Suhasini had wonderfully made a "FIVE STAR PLAIT" on Radhika, considered very tough even by the professionals. After that day, I have seen her voluntarily come forward and haidress Archana, Radha, Aruna during their shots. Infact Geetha and Suhasini were so close that Suhasini called her "Geeths". She even advised Geetha on her costumes for another film. Geetha never called me for hairdressing her in this movie. She also used to come so early like Suhasini and after Suhasini finished her makeup, Suhasini herself would sit and do the makeup for Geetha. I have seen Suhasini combing Geetha everyday till the film ended. Very good friends they are. Radhika and Suhasini are very close friends which is known to everyone. By the way Suhasini helped her to get back to her life in films. Suhasini used to call her "Radi". She used singular language saying "Radi, Vadi, podi" which in Tamil, in commanding language, only very close can use. Radhika's usual pastime during breaks is either reading a book on Suhasini's laps or asking Suhasini to change her hair.
    I understand for a film called "Karpura Dweepam", Suhasini spent amost 25 days in decorating Radhika's hair in various plaits. I have learnt a lot from this egoless, great, talented actress.
    (Contributed by Meena <> )

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