jiivitacakraM ( 1971 )

This movie is unique for its music by Shankar Jaikishen. Hindi singer Sharada sang most of the songs for Vanisree. This move is again a two heroines - one hero story. Vanisree is the city girl who falls in love with NTR. But before they can get married, NTR gets called to his village and is forced by fate to marry Sarada.
(Contributed by Rajagopal <> umaraj@msn.com )

  • raavu, C.S

    Cast (in alphabetical order)

  • Geetanjali
  • Padma Nabham
  • Rama Rao, N.T
  • Sarada
  • Vanisree

  • Sankar Jaikishan

  • Suseela, P
  • Balasubrahmanyam, S.P
  • Sharada


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