idi katha kAdu ( 1979 )

It is a remake of a Tamil hit and a national award winning fim. Kamal Hassan stars in both languages. This film has Chiranjeevi as the villanous husband of Jayasudha (Rajanikanth starred as the husband in Tamil) The heroine separates from her husband and lives as a single working mother. Enter into the life of the heroine two men who want to marry her. The film takes a lot of interesting twists that keep the viewer gripped. Another well made movie by Balachander. Excellent performances by each and evey one of the artistes. A must see film. Music is good too.

Black & White

  • bAlachandar, K

    Cast (in alphabetical order)

  • Chiranjeevi .... villain
  • Jaya Sudha
  • Kamal Hasan .... timid office clerk, ventriloquist
  • Rama Prabha
  • Sarat Babu


  • .... Kamals's toy as 'Junior'

  • Ganesh Patro

  • Lok Singh

  • Viswanathan, M.S

  • Suseela, P
  • Balasubrahmanyam, S.P
  • Vani Jayaram, P
  • Ramola

  • Achaarya Athreya


    JayaSudha not only looks beatiful but gives a brilliant performance. Chiranjeevi who played -ve roles in 47 Rojulu and this film did a great job too. Dialogues and screen play and direction for this film really are visible to the viewer in every frame of the movie.
    Balachander in almost all of his movies used to have one song which will be a new experiment. Anthu leni kadha - tali kattu subha vela - mimicry
    Maro Cahrite - kalisi vunte kaladhu sukham - movie names
    Idhi Kadha Kadhu - Junior - Ventriloquism
    Tanna tana - Akali Rajyam - Cmposing a song
    Randi randi - Rudra Vina - Conversation based

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