kAncana sIta ( 1988 )

This film is modelled after the episode in 'rAmAyaNam' where Rama sends Sita to forest because a washerman questions how Rama could accept Sita after she had stayed in Ravana's kingdom. In the film, Sarat Babu is a lawyer. A woman pleads with him to get her divorced because her husband harasses her. She gets divorce and alimony also. But the fact is that the woman is involved in illicit relationships and now she has freedom and money from her husband. This irks the divorced husband and he kidnaps Sarat Babu's wife(Jayasudha) and frees her after just tearing her clothes.The society screams that she had been raped. Sarat Babu is forced by his parents to desert his wife inspite of his brother(Raghuvaran)'s requests. Jayasudha returns to her father's house. Later, she gives birth to a son. The son grows up to become a playboy. When he tries to rape a girl, Jayasudha kills him. She is acquitted by the judge(Sarat Babu).
(Contributed by Satyanarayana Raju <> PVSatya.Raju@gepex.ge.com )


  • J.S.K. Combines

  • Narayana Rao, Dasari

  • Nitin Kapoor

    Cast (in alphabetical order)

  • Jaya Sudha
  • Raghuvaran .... Sarat Babu's brother
  • Sarat Babu .... lawyer, Jaya Sudha's husband
  • Sudhakar
  • Tulasi

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