Urikiccina mATa ( 1981 )

Chiranjeevi, an illiterate, works very hard to send his younger brother, Sudhakar to school. One day, many innocent kids are killed by an epidemic in the village. Since the village is very remote and has no transportation facilities from the near by towns, no doctor wants to visit the village. So, all the village people decided to make Sudhakar a doctor hoping that he would later open a clinic in his native village and save the village from those deadly epidemics. All of them accept to share together his educational expences and they are even ready to sell their 'kanchaalu ,manchaalu' etc to send Sudhakar money. But when Sudhakar goes to city to join Medical College and be-friends a rich girl, Madhavi,he soon forgets his village and his brother's promiss given to the village( hence the title, OORIKICHHINA MAATA)that Sudhakar would definitely return to the village,once he completes his MBBS. Sudhakar even feels discomfort in attending his own brother's marriage. He later marries Madhavi, who abhors villages and slowly altogether forgets his brother and his village. Chiranjeevi comes to city to implore his brother to open the clinic in their village.He is severely insulted by Madhavi and her father, Kantha Rao. Chiranjeevi now realizes that Madhavi is the main driving force who is not letting his brother to go to his village. Chiru now,out of desperation, kidnaps Madhavi and takes her to his village hoping that once she is in the village, Sudhakar will definitely come there to see her. When Sudhakar enters the village, he is attacked by a few baddies and he sustains severe injuries. Madhavi expects a doctor to come urgently to her husband's rescue, but soon realizes that how dangerous it is,if one doesn't get the immediate doctoral treatment. Chiru runs (approx. 30 miles) to city and gets a doctor and saves his brother. Madhavi and Sudhakar now decide to live henceforth in the village to serve the poor.
The movie is well directed and the director succeeds in conveying his message to the audience. Chiranjeevi acted very well and this movie is definitely different from some of his routine, perfunctory movies.
(Contributed by Srinivasa Rao Chimata <> schimata@ecst.csuchico.edu )

  • Baalayya, M

    Cast (in alphabetical order)

  • Chiranjeevi
  • Kavitha
  • Madhavi
  • Sudhakar .... Chiru's younger brother


  • Giribabu
  • Kantha Rao .... Madhavi's father
  • Kondala Rao, Ravi
  • nArayaNa rao
  • Srilakshmi
  • Vankayala
  • Venkateswara Rao, Mada

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